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What is the kick-ass living academy?

The KAL Academy is a 4 week, interactive video-based training program that coaches you in personal development how to become more authentic and start gaining the confidence to live a kick-ass life that you love. 

Whether you’re new to personal development and coaching or already experienced and ready to grow, the KAL Academy will challenge you to grow at your highest level. It’s designed to unleash the treasure that you’re holding inside and finally show up in the world as you truly are  so that you can get higher profits and fullfill your higher purpose.


How does the kAL academy Work?


KAL Academy trainings are structured into 4 modules and released daily. They consist of easy-to-follow videos, kick-ass handouts for you to get active and powerful guided meditations and a self-hypnosis at the end of each module. All of the training is online, contained in the private Kick-Ass Academy member only site. Students can view the training videos, connect with others in my private facebook group and compare their progress..

The KAL Academy also includes a live Q & A once a week via the facebook group where Patricia answers more questions and offers additional coaching techniques to make sure that my members get the best out of this course and receive the highest value from their investment.

An extra PLUS – you’re going to be KICk-ASS for life as you will have life time access  and can retake the program for free so you get the best out of your coaching experience..

For more information on the KAL Academy, and to preview the curriculum, keep on scrolling.


Who should take Patricia’s KAL Academy?

If you want to learn how to become more authentic, more confident, gain clarity in your life, release your past, create your future self and maintain your change so that you, too can live a kick-ass life that you love, then this program is MADE FOR YOU. There is no shortcut in personal development and results can’t be guaranteed. You need to be committed and get active. 

Become More Courageous & Confident

How often do you let fear run the course of your life? How often do you feel stuck in the same negative thought patterns and in constant “what if’s”? What if indeed, you were able to become more confident & more courageous and embark on your dream life?

Establish New Daily Rituals & Routines

We can either distract ourselves by numbing our unhappiness through Social Media, emotional eating, addictions etc. or we can start by interrupting this and establishing new mindful routines. They help us become aware of our patterns and help us change them.

Create Your Future Self

This is the most fun part. Create your future self, as bold, as wild, as successful, as joyful, as happy as you like. The KAL will help you by teaching you various techniques & exercises that will bring out the best in you. Let’s kick-ass!

Unleashing the treasure inside of you. Creating a kick-ass Life that you love.

The world is currently experiencing a shift: we either distract ourselves or we start to tune into ourselves and have the chance to release our greatest treasure: our own authentic self. The world NEEDS YOU!

Satisfied Customers From Around The World

Video Lessons

Guided Meditations

Powerful Self-Hypnosis

From My Clients

No matter whether you’re new to personal development or think you’ve tried it all – the KAL Academy proves to be valuable to many.

“After entering a bad marriage, I was able to release myself from other people’s expectations and stopped being a people pleaser.”


Engineer, LONDON UK

“The KAL Academy helped me to gain clarity and let yo of false self-limiting beliefs..”


Marketing CEO, US

“Being stuck in unhealthy relationships seemed to be my pattern. Through the KAL Academy I gained a new perspective and managend to release old habits & patterns.”


Security Officer, Perth Australia

“I was stuck in a rut for many years and had tried different personal development programs. Patricia’s KAL helped me to establish new daily routines & rituals for myself that now make my life better & more joyful.”


Engineer, Russia

What Is The Curriculum Of The KAL Academy?

The KAL Academy is a one month for life coaching program that features a daily video. After each week, you will get an audio lesson in form of a guided meditation or powerful hypnosis that will support you with your learnings.  Every video lesson has an exercise so that you will become active and can start experience change straight away!   

Module 1: Gain Clarity

Every Kick-Ass life is built on a strong foundation. In this Module, you’ll clarify your life’s vision and goals, look deep into your values,  what you desire in others and how this information can help you create a life that you love.

You’ll also learn the right techniques that will help you find out even more about what you stand for so that you have the right vision set for you. From the start you’ll get active by following the daily video lessons for a week, which will be completed with a powerful guided meditation that will bring up the last piecers to your personal puzzle.


 Module 2: Uncover Your Past

The 2nd Module is all about finding out what sort of conditioning you have undergone in your past. You’ll focus on what is holding you back and why. You’ll learn how to eliminate self-limiting beliefs so that you can finally start showing your authentic self to the world.  It features different techniques that will help you become aware of your patterns and how to change them into something more beneficial. The module will be concluded after 6 days with a powerful hypnosis session that is especially catered for this program and that will help go even deeper inside yourself.

 Module 3: Create Your Future Self

Now it’s time for the fun part. After you’ve gained clarity and were able to understand your self-limiting beliefs, it’s now time to understand the power of visualisation, SMART goal setting, how to set your intentions right, keeping your attention in the present, getting to know the power of manifestation and learning the vitality of your own accountability. The module is concluded with a powerful guided meditation that allows you to further create your KICK-ASS life.

 Module 4: Maintain Your Change

 This Module is designed to give you the tools to maintain the changes that you have started. You will look at patterns like self-sabotage that don’t serve you and implement new daily routines & rituals to keep up the change. 


 BONUS 1: Transformation of Negative Emotions

How often are you plagued by negative emotions? Negativity is killing our authenticity and hinders us from living a kick-ass life that we love. This BONUS will teach you some additional techniques how to deal with negative emotions and how to create positive effects in the long run.

 BONUS 2: Self-Love NOW!

Self-Love is our birth right and something we don’t practise enough. Your true authenticity lies in accepting and loving yourself completely and fiercely. This BONUS will help with additional techniques how to become more living towards yourself. 


 BONUS 3: Uncover Your Best Self

This extra BONUS gives you some more techniques that will help you uncover the treasure you carry inside and unleash your full potential so that you can start living a kick-ass life that you love.

Who teaches The Kal Academy?

The KAL Academy is hosted by Patricia Franke, TEDx Speaker, expert in authenticity, Kick-Ass Coach in NLP & Business, #1 Podcaster and founder of Kick-Ass Living. It’s Patricia’s mission to bring out the best in you so that you, too can really show up in this world with authenticity and purpose that will help others & change the world.

During the weekly Q & A with Patricia, students can ask feedback and additional personal development questions. 

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